Snowglobe Kids was born after Kat Mulvaney read The Snow Globe by her friend and spiritual teacher, Marisa Moris, and Marisa’s father Joseph Moris. While preparing to open a family metaphysical school, Kat was searching for a meditation or visualization modality to teach kids as young as 2 years old. She’d been experimenting with a modality using color and light, but when Kat read Marisa and Joe’s The Snow Globe, she knew she had to get its method to kids and their parents, especially to the growing numbers of alternative educators, unschoolers, homeschoolers, and special-needs communities.


Marisa Moris is a Hay House author, host of Discovering Intuition with Marisa Moris on Hay House Radio, founder of Discover Intuition, co-founder of Snowglobe Kids and co-author of The Snow Globe (as well as the 12 book series “Skeptics Guides,” which begins with Skeptics Guide to the Universe). She is a clairvoyant medium, intuitive healer and spiritual teacher with offices in Encinitas, California. She has done over 50,000 readings and healings in her 7 years of seeing clients. She is from Carlsbad, California and lives there with her husband, two children and poodle guru, Poochie. The Snowglobe visualization was given to her by her spiritual guides, and she has been using it as the basis of her healing modality since 2011. As a new mom, Marisa uses The Snowglobe to clear herself and her family daily and has seen it work miracles in thousands of clients’ lives over the years. This practice is dedicated to everyone with curiosity and the willingness to change their lives.

“If I could give advice to my younger self, I would go back to when I was 7-years-old and teach myself to protect my energy. And that if I feel sad or yucky it’s not because I’m a bad person; it’s because I’m feeling someone else’s stuff in my energy field. I would teach myself how to heal myself.”

—Marisa Moris, Clairvoyant Medium, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Teacher

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Kat Mulvaney, co-founder of Snowglobe Kids, is a mother of two, teacher, writer, spiritual student, CrossFit Kids coach, yoga teacher, and truth seeker. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and but lives on the west coast. She is passionate about health and nutrition and parents holistically. She has been a student of Marisa’s since 2014, and the two have collaborated to bring The Snowglobe to children and their families.

Both are confident The Snowglobe will change the world, and for families that practice it, The Snowglobe will replace stress with peace and empower all family members with the ability to improve their mood and clear their energy, thus changing their lives and raising their vibration.